We work very closely with a number of UK airlines and flight brokers – we do this so that we can offer the best-priced flights for your trip. Our flight partners source heavily-reduced flights specific to the dates of your trip (+/- 3 days) to ensure that you get the best value. These flights are then passed on to you for you to book pending successful application on the programs. These flight prices will not be available elsewhere however if you wish to book your own flights please do so at your discretion.

After Camp Travel

After the 21 days spent at Camp India, there is the option for all our Camp Participants to join us down at the beach resort in Goa. Goa is located in the south of India, on the coast of the South Indian ocean. Throughout the summer this is a haven for backpackers and holiday makers alike. The culture within the resort is largely westernised and has become a destination for party-goers, but bordering the city of Goa there is the opportunity to see the roots of south India’s culture. Our extension week offers travel out in to these rural villages via train and dinghy. It’s an exceptional experience and one we recommend to anyone that simply can’t get enough of the culture. Click here to read more. 

Camp India 6