The safe and secure way to travel and explore India

Get involved with projects that will help you develop new skills

Explore and engage with a new culture on a personal level

Give something back to the community and others less fortunate

Add some incredible features to your CV/Resume

Meet amazing new people from all over the world

Non-stop adventure and fun

The best ‘Camp India’ project in the world at the best price

If you have ever considered or thought of traveling to India, now is your chance. Staying in our guest house with like-minded people to yourself and visiting various different projects on a daily basis where you can pitch in to make a difference is what Camp India is all about.  Plus – in your free time we have planned some of the best activities to realise your Indian experience!  

Longing for a change of scenery and to get out and experience a whole new side of the World? Yearning to explore one of the most magnificent and diverse countries on the planet?


The majority of our applicants are solo-travellers, who all end up making friends for life at our camps. Camp India gives you the chance to explore a country as an individual, but work together and make a difference as a team. You will get experiences that will last a lifetime and the impact you will make on the local community will be equally as long lasting. 

We encourage as much involvement as possible at all of our projects and it’s because of this those that come with us experience so much more than the average tourist would. It’s the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the way of life within a relatively short period.

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