6 Wonderful Reasons That Prove India Is Special

Has there every been a better time to be Indian? In my opinion, no.

Here’s my 12 reasons as to why I think this is the best time to be Indian.

1. We are raising the bar in Sports.

Saina Nehwal recently wrote her name in the history books, she became India’s first ever woman’s No. 1 ranking in badminton.

You’re making us proud Saina!

2. We are helping others in times of need.

During Nepal’s time of need we was there, to help the country and its citizens.

3. We will never leave our own behind again.

5000 Indians were stuck in Yemen during the war. Our army managed to to do something incredible and manage one of the greatest war evacuations of all time.

4. We are the biggest democracy in the world, and now the world is hearing our voice.

In each election the common mans voice is being heard despite the din and corruption.

5. The first time in this great country history, an all women’s

contingent marched in the Republic Day Parade .

Like many times in Indias history the indian forces the lead the way yet again.

6. We’ve recognized the third gender.

It doesn’t matter what history says,

everyone is guaranteed their rights in our country.

This is yet another reason as to why India is moving forward as an inclusive society.

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