This is Camp India – the hot new location for literally thousands of individuals like you, people keen to have a life-changing experience in the World’s fastest growing country. We’re dedicated to ensuring your stay with us in India is both exciting, eye-opening and will give you something to reflect back on for years to come!

For first-time travellers, India is the perfect step into the unknown, with a new, emerging and bustling culture with a genuinely welcoming and hospitable atmosphere. For seasoned travellers, India is a firm favourite to return to. Each visit a chance to reconnect with the country considered by many to be a spiritual mecca and land of enlightenment.

We offer the BEST volunteering opportunities in India coupled with some of the greatest activities you can imagine to make sure your free time is NEVER dull. India has everything to offer, from jungles and rainforests to epic coastal resorts. From thriving city centres to the desert plains of the Thar, where our camel journeys begin. India will leave you wanting more!

Camp India Indian Elepgant

So are you up for an experience? Looking to broaden your horizons and build on your worldly knowledge whilst making a positive impact in communities? Then get in touch with us today and help us tailor your step into the unknown: India

Our UK offices are in Manchester city centre; so if you’re knocking about and fancy having a chat about Camp India over a game of ping-pong, give us a call on 0161 222 3780  and drop on by!